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Oh dear! Stuart Rose gets his figures wrong again

At 0816 today, Lord Stuart Rose claimed 50% of UK exports go to Europe, and implied that our exports to the Non-EU BRIC countries don’t really matter.  Stuart, the UK hasn’t relied on the EU for half our exports since 1992!  Exports to the EU are only 43% and still falling.  The rest of world now […]

Rocco Forte backs Brexit

Rocco Forte of Forte Hotels says today he believes an EU exit would increase, rather than diminish, Britain’s world role. “If we could opt out of the EU’s social policy and be sure we could keep control of our tax system into the future, I could change my mind – but all in all, I believe […]

More scaremongering

Today the Head of the pro-EU ‘Britain IN’ campaign, Lord Stuart Rose says EU business is worth £133bn to 200,000 ‘British’ exporters would be at risk.  But for every £3 of trade UK firms do in the EU, foreign EU companies sell £5’s worth to the UK.  That means if the EU discriminates against an independent […]

GMB slams EU failure to stop fuel dumping

EU politicians are still failing to act to stop to stop the dumping of Chinese steel from a country that is not a market economy. This failure to act in the face of the jobs carnage is intolerable. This why GMB is joining a protest in Brussels outside the next EU talking shop to demand action […]

SNP has fewer renegotiation demands than David Cameron

On BBC Radio Scotland at 0810 the SNP spokesperson had no response to LEAVE campaigner Nigel Griffiths asking why the SNP are making fewer ‘renegotiation’ demands than David Cameron, and don’t mention the EU’s betrayal of steel workers and Scottish manufacturing or of Scottish fishing and agriculture, or that a SNP manifesto committed them to […]


SNP veteran Jim Sillars backs exit from the EU, following talks with Labour Leave Scottish organiser Dr Nigel Griffiths. A great boost for the brexit camp. The SNP have failed to make any demands of David CAmeron or Brussels to get a better deal for our manufacturing and steel workers of our farming and fishing […]

EU stops us re-nationalising the Railways

As we approach the end of Labour’s leadership contest one of the most interesting things about the last few weeks has been the resurgence of policy ideas that many had thought Labour had confined to the rubbish bin. Take the nationalisation of the railways. When Ed Miliband was the leader of our party, efforts to […]

Labour’s lost voters will return if we leave the EU

In 1975, when the last EU referendum was held, about 80% of Conservative voters were in favour of the UK staying in what was then the Common Market, while the Labour Party split roughly 50:50 for staying in and coming out. Now the situation is largely reversed. It is the Labour Party which is far […]

Listen to voters hostile to the EU

Most people in the Labour Party may want to stay in the EU, but few think there is no scope to improve the way the EU operates or our terms of membership. Why, then, does Labour appear to have no policy towards the renegotiation that is taking place? What would Labour like to change – […]